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185 55 R14 winter tyres - Safe and comfortable through the cold season

When the days get shorter and colder, the driving safety reengaged increased in awareness. On smooth and snowy roads can the profile of conventional summer tyres no longer keep up and a striking winter tyres must be found, such as the 185 55 R14 winter tyres.

When snow and ice thin tyres are at an advantage

The trend is towards wide tyres: However, only in the summer. In winter have still thin tyres ahead and the 185 55 R14 winter tyres. Due to the smaller width of the pressure on the tread by the vehicle weight is larger. On a snowy road, the result is that the car tyres digs deeper into the snow and thus has more grip. The same applies for the tyre height, since it affects with the cross section of the tyre. 185 55 R14 winter tyres allow not only a safe ride, but also a comfortable. The tyre is made of a relatively large amount of rubber, and therefore has a pronounced damping.

Firestone Winterhawk: winter tyres with special profile for more traction

If you want to primarily a running strong winter tyre with excellent handling characteristics in snow and rain, is the Firestone Winterhawk right. As 185 55 R14 winter tyres Firestone in EU tyre label is marked with the class B in wet grip. This is in addition to the dimension also in the innovative tread pattern of the tyre and the special rubber compound with salts of silicic acid. Also cut at the external rolling noise that winter tyres well and thus ensure a smooth running. Open to the 185 55 R14 winter tyres Firestone for a maximum speed of 190 km/h.

Heavy snow, icy roads - here 185 55 R14 winter tyres feel good. With their dimensions they offer ideal conditions for maximum grip and are also convincing driving comfort.

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