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185 50 R16 winter tyres - information for tyre dimension

Winter tyres have to keep a firm grip on snow and on slippery surfaces. 185 50 R16 winter tyres are of course no exception. Constructed this winter tyres are for compact cars. Certainly bring good tyres vehicles such as a Ford Focus or a Audi A3 through the winter.

185 50 R16 winter tyres: the facts

The white numbers on the tyre side indicate how wide and tall the tyre and which he has diameter. 185 50 R16 winter tyres are 185 mm wide, the height of which 50 percent of the diameter of 16 inches. So compared to the rather narrow construction, the tyres have a relatively high diameter. The construction, however, is balanced enough to ensure good driving stability and safe cornering in any weather. These winter tyres fit rims that also have a diameter of 16 inches, for example, to Enzo aluminum wheels .

Pay attention to M + S marking

Which 185 50 R16 winter tyres Drivers should grab? The course also depends on your wallet. Good winter tyres in this dimension, there is already in the low price segment. Brand quality promise proven winter tyres from the series Continental Winter Contact TS . What is important in all winter tyres, also in the dimension 185 50 R16 that the tyres are identified by the M + S symbol. Only then they are allowed to be driven in snow. In addition, a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm is required.

Winter tyres for compact cars: 185 50 R16 winter tyres are versatile. In vehicle registration indicates whether these tyres are also attached to the car. Drivers then have the choice between cheap tyres, branded tyres and premium tyres.

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