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Winter tyres with 175 mm width: Safe driving in subzero temperatures

In case of snow and ice on the roads careful in traffic. Now it depends on excellent tyres during vehicle. Winter tyres that are 175 mm wide or even smaller, thanks to their small footprint provide the ideal conditions for a comfortable ride in difficult weather conditions.

Low fuel consumption due to low rolling resistance

Winter tyres with 175 mm width for cars manufactured, vans, SUVs and off-roaders. The narrow tread the tyres generate less rolling resistance than wider tyres. The rolling resistance again ensures that the fuel consumption goes down low, making the tyres particularly economical. On snowy roads, the high basis weight has a positive effect, which presses the tyre into the snow, which the tyre tread can improve your grip. In this way, the vehicle has optimum grip on snowy terrain. The comfort of tyres it is determined on the tyre height. The rule here is: the higher the tyre, the more comfortable ride.

Premium tyres for SUVs Continental

In the SUV segment, the series intersects Continental CROSS CONTACT WINTER as winter tyres of 175 mm segment very well. For both the driving characteristics and fuel consumption during the tyres can absolutely convince. In the EU tyre label by classification into the class C (AG) is illustrated in wet grip and energy efficiency. Good results, which show, among other things, that the Continental CROSS CONTACT WINTER provide excellent performance even in the rain. A property that is not long at all winter tyres is given. Winter tyres with 175 mm wide Continental rely on a grooved-blade profile, as it is usually used in summer tyres.

Safe and fuel-efficient, it goes through the cold season with winter tyres from 175 mm width. For SUVs, the series Continental CROSS CONTACT WINTER is a recommended model in the dimension 175/65 R15.

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