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175 80 R14 winter tyres - excellent braking performance in snow and rain

175 80 R14 winter tyres are a good choice for low cost vehicles in the small and compact cars. The snow traction and ice is excellent and even when wet the tyres achieve a responsive performance. Big plus also: the excellent ride comfort, which is due to the large tyre height.

Comfortable winter tyres for the small car and compact class

When temperatures drop, it's time for a reliable winter tyres. A good traction in snow and rain alike is required. 175 80 R14 winter tyres handle this task and also provide above-average ride comfort. Thanks to its tyre width of 175 mm, the total weight of the vehicle is distributed so that the car tyres can grip properly on snowy surfaces. In wet and dry conditions, the tread ensures sufficient rolling resistance, so Braking, traction and handling convince. With their tyre height of 140 mm (175 mm * 0.80) and low internal diameter of 14 inches is the winter tyre also of relatively large amount of rubber, which ensures optimum damping.

A good choice: the Continental CONTI WINTER CONTACT TS 800

With the series Continental CONTI WINTER CONTACT TS 800 175 80 R14 winter tyres on the market that perform well in all weather conditions. In EU tyre label quality tyres of renowned manufacturer with the C class are marked in wet grip. For winter tyres this is an excellent value, which is considerably above the average. The V-shaped grooves of the profile transport water and slush on the road from effective. At the same time they form the outer disk small tread blocks which bite into outright in the snow. When it comes to comfort, the tyres also show their best side.

The level of comfort and a convincing driving performance in snow, rain and drought is characterized by 175 80 R14 winter tyres. Great conditions for a safe journey at low temperatures.

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