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175 70 R13 Car Winter tyres

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175 70 R13 winter tyres: more grip on snow and ice

In the winter, narrow tyre sizes as the 175 70 R13 winter tyres advantages in driving safety, which do not have wider dimensions. Especially on snow and ice have the tyres more grip and thus better steering, braking and traction characteristics. In addition, the risk of aquaplaning falls very low.

Better traction through narrower tread

Good winter tyres differ in dimension fundamentally from good summer tyres, because the claims are different. While at a summer tyre wide tread result in excellent traction, they can be on snow and ice for security risk. The reason is that the car's weight is distributed over more surface area and thereby decreases the Pneu not deep enough in the snow. As a result, the tread blocks are not tracking properly and the tyres can not get a grip. 175 70 R13 winter tyres have therefore a smaller tread, which is ideally suited to the difficult conditions of the cold season. In addition, the large tyre height ensures that the tyres can convince ride comfort even on topic.

Cleared winter tyre for small and compact cars

An outstanding 175 70 R13 winter tyres is Pirelli WINTER 190 Snow Control . Thanks to balanced rubber compound with silica (salt of silicic acid) provides the Pneu optimum grip on snow-covered roads. This is supported by the possibility the classic block pattern of winter tyres with reinforced center rib and wide shoulder areas. The tread blocks also form longitudinal grooves, whereby the 175 70 R13 winter tyres Pirelli makes and wet conditions a good figure. The longitudinal grooves evacuate water under the car tyres quickly, whereby the grip is improved. In addition, the grooves protect against aquaplaning. The Pirelli WINTER 190 Snowcontrol are a exzelente choice for small and compact cars.

Maximum driving safety on snowy roads is a top priority for many drivers. With the 175 70 R13 winter tyres this is guaranteed. Recommended: The tyre series Pirelli WINTER 190 Snow Control.

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