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175 65 R15 Car Winter tyres

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Dimension 175 65 R15 as winter tyres: Excellent performance on snow and ice

175 65 R15 winter tyres combine outstanding driving characteristics with excellent ride comfort and in difficult conditions. The visually appealing car tyres suitable for vehicles of small and compact cars such as the Audi A1 or BMW 3 Series.

High driving comfort at low temperatures

On snowy roads are car tyres with less tread at an advantage. The reason: The vehicle weight is distributed over a smaller area, making the tyres sink into the snow. As a result, the tyre tread reaches faster and the car is gaining traction. Therefore 175 65 R15 winter tyres an excellent choice for driving at low temperatures. Another positive aspect of the tyres is the high driving comfort. With increasing altitude and decreasing inner diameter, the amount of rubber on the tyre. The rubber cushions while driving, thus ensuring a smoother ride.

The right profile to aquaplaning and long braking distances

The tyre series Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 7+ 175 65 R15 winter tyres which offers short braking distances on snow, ice and rain. Fueled is a modern rubber mixture, which is made for a wide range of temperatures. It provides anytime optimum grip and thereby also improves the steering characteristics of winter tyres . In addition, the V-shaped groove slat profile of the tyres ensures a low risk of aquaplaning in heavy rain. Furthermore, the comfort of Goodyear ULTRAGRIP include 7+ winter tyres low rolling noise (EU tyre Label: 68 decibels). The 175 65 R15 winter tyres from Goodyear have the Speed ​​Index T (up to 190 km/h).

Short braking distances, precise handling and a fair amount of driving comfort form the backbone of the 175 65 R15 winter tyres. With the series Goodyear ULTRAGRIP 7+ also come added a high mileage and low rolling noise.

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