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175 65 R13 winter tyres as a frequently dialed dimension

The dimension 175 65 R13 as winter tyres is a very frequently used option to prepare their own small car for the upcoming winter. A tyre size of the vehicle models of Renault (Clio), Opel (Corsa) or VW (Polo) provides sufficient grip on icy, slushy and snow covered roads.

Consumers are well advised

Being of size 175 65 R13 winter tyres as consumers are well advised generally. Low-cost and well-known manufacturers offer a wide variety of tyres. A selection that enables consumers to make purchasing decisions with respect to specific criteria. The driving behavior of different car tyres is heavily dependent on the manufacturer's model. Some winter tyres, the benefits are clearly ascertainable on snow covered roads. Other Pneus turn out in the field rolling resistance, fuel consumption or in muddy and wet conditions as the better solution.

Balanced tyre models meet all criteria

The ADAC the dimension 175 65 R13 has looked a little closer at the winter tyres and tyre most models rated positively. Very balanced showed the tyres from Continental (ContiWinterContact TS800), Michelin (Alpin A4) and Dunlop (SP Winter Response) . On wet and dry roads, these three tyres have very similar values. Only the car tyres from Continental can settle in the criteria Snow and fuel consumption a bit from its competitors. Who attaches great importance to a low wear of the winter tyre, the place with the model of Michelin before the appropriate variant, without having to accept losses in the area of ​​performance.

With the format 175 65 R13 winter tyres find consumers from a reliable tyre. Unlike wider tyres this dimension can normally be acquired cheaper. Makes that compared to summer tyres bring all the necessary characteristics to be to safely get in wintry road conditions to the desired destination.

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