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Dimension 175 60 R14: A winter tyre that meets its criteria

The format 175 60 R14 as winter tyres is mainly suitable for vehicles of the smaller type. A brand that the most sold for many years Winter tyres belongs. Consumers enjoy the balanced properties of this tyre size. Besides a good grip in winter conditions show top models low wear and fuel consumption.

A price comparison that is worth it

While known tyre manufacturers like Continental, Pirelli or Michelin for decades winter, summer and all-season tyres produce is increasingly to realize that even cheap manufacturers are trying to win the favor of many customers. Especially in the Make 175 60 R14 tyres as winter makes itself felt this trend. At present, in this dimension in about 50 different tyre models from various manufacturers available. The price difference between the models is often more than 40 euros, bringing consumers already could buy a second tyre. But it raises the question of whether the guarantee cheap Pneus sufficient road safety?

Known manufacturers offer good performance

A test of the ADAC's more information about the performance of different tyres. As with many other dimensions is also reflected in the Make 175 60 R14 as winter tyres that the tyres of the known manufacturers offer a more comfortable ride normally. Test winner in a comparable tyre dimension was Continental (ContiWinterContact TS800), which guarantees on dry, wet and snow-covered roads a good grip. Consumers who prefer a durable winter tyres meet, with the Michelin Alpin A4 or Vredestein Snowtrac 3 the right choice. Furthermore, this test result shows that even low cost producers like Maloya or Sava are able to establish themselves in midfield.

Consumers find the dimension 175 60 R14 winter tyres as a very wide range before. This brand is not only on criteria such as braking or handling at the center. Some models show excellent values ​​in the range of wear, which consumers will benefit from a long-term and reliable solution.

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