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165 70 R13 Car Winter tyres

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165 70 R13 winter tyre segment: Secure driving enjoyment thanks to optimal driving characteristics

165 70 R13 winter tyres are very popular in the field of small and compact cars. They are characterized by a high traction, good braking performance and a comfortable ride. In addition, winter tyres this size, on average, are very inexpensive: The best tyre model costs just under 30 euros.

Excellent handling and short braking distances on snow and ice

The driving safety of tyres makes for many motorists when buying the main role. Especially with winter tyres , the braking and steering characteristics on ice, snow and rain have absolutely convincing. For this reason, many owners of small and compact cars opt for 165 70 R13 winter tyres. Thanks smaller tread the tyres generate enough pressure for optimum traction on snowy roads. Short braking distances and improved handling are the result. In addition, the tyre height guarantees of 123.75 mm (165 mm * 0.70) a pronounced smoothness and thus a comfortable ride. 165 70 R13 winter tyres are developed by a large number of well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin or Pirelli.

High quality winter tyres from the experts

Continental was named in the Auto Bild magazine for best tyre brand, 2013. In the area of 165 70 R13 winter tyres of the renowned German manufacturer thrilled with its tyres series ContiWinterContact TS 780 . The quality of tyres have a specific profile with honeycomb slats, which allows a very good braking performance on snow. In addition, cornering stability and track performance are excellent. For more safety in poor weather conditions, the rubber compound, makes salts of silicic acid. The 165 70 R13 winter tyres from Continental are approved with the speed index T for a maximum speed of 190 kilometers per hour.

Good car tyres for the winter guarantee optimal traction in all weather conditions. The 165 70 R13 winter tyres offer just that and still create an extra dose of driving comfort on top.

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