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165 65 R14 Car Winter tyres

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14 inch 165 65 R14: A winter tyre for small sports car

The tyre market designed for consumers very versatile and varied. Car tyres in different sizes provide optimal conditions to safely and comfortably move in traffic. With the dimension 165 65 R14 tyres as winter takes a small car owners the right version to be found the right grip on snowy, wet, icy and dry road surfaces.

A tyre, which enables economical driving

The Make 165 65 R14 as winter tyres comes with countless vehicles such as a Opel Corsa B, Seat Inca, Toyota Yaris, Kia Rio or similar models are used. Since this is a widely used tyre dimension, it falls easily consumers a proper winter tyre used or new purchase. Most tyres have the speed index T (up to 190 km/h) in. Because the little nippers are Perfectly adequate usually not able to achieve this top speed. The small width of this car tyre enables economical driving. Low fuel consumption and rolling resistance are considered the greatest benefits.

Positive results facilitate purchasing decisions

The last test of the ADAC 14 tyre models were subjected to an endurance test. Besides the well known premium manufacturers such as Dunlop , Goodyear and Continental also some cheap manufacturers were found in the participants. The result went mainly positive. Only a Pneu (Hawks Euro Winter HS439) in the comparable dimension 175 / 65R14 could not meet the required criteria. Overall, there were three models (Continental ContiWinterContact TS800, Michelin Alpin A4 and Dunlop SP Winter Response), which were allowed to settle by its competitors because of their good characteristics.

As the test results show, find consumers with the Make 165 65 R14 winter tyres as a reliable Pneu ago. A harmony between driver and car that ensures a safe ride. Premium models provide short stopping distances and stable driving in winter conditions. The perfect winter tyre for small cars in urban and rural areas.

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