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165 65 R13 winter tyres - safe and comfortable through the cold season

Numerous well-known manufacturers lead the dimension 165 65 R13 as winter tyres now in their range, so you can look forward to as the owner of a car on the wide range of high quality models in this area. Thus, it is easy, a powerful winter tyres to find who comes to meet their own needs and expectations to a great extent.

Excellent traction and impeccable handling

165 65 R13 winter tyres are offered for example by Hankook, Firestone or Yokohama. Even the well-known manufacturers Fulda from Germany provides the Crystal Montero MS Dot11 to a high-quality tyres in this size, who knows how to convince with a strong overall performance. This expresses itself in addition to excellent traction in an impeccable handling of, properties that does not subside even in dense snowfall or very low temperatures. This is thanks to the sophisticated tread design so that this 165 65 R13er winter tyres is provided in addition to strong shoulder blocks with a high number of blades.

Good grip and quick water drainage

Even the Snowtrac 3 of Vredestein is available as winter tyres in the dimension 165 65 R13 and boasts numerous positive operating characteristics. With its unusual design, this model is not only visually appealing, but also offers its good grip and high traction even in adverse weather and road conditions. In addition, this Pneu scores with its fast and efficient drainage, so that snow, slush and ice can be added and removed within a short time. For a comprehensive security is thus ensured in every respect.

It is not difficult given the good choice to find a powerful 165 65 R13 winter tyres, which brings the riders through the cold season safely and comfortably. This is thanks to the sophisticated tread design and the numerous positive operating characteristics by which distinguished these models.

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