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165 60 R14 Car Winter tyres

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Maximum grip on snow and ice with 165 60 R14 winter tyres

Excellent grip and a strong braking make the 165 60 R14 winter tyres for a safe alternative for the cold season. Their extent the tyres also offer a responsive ride. On compact car like the VW Polo and Peugeot 208 the tyres are visually best.

Low fuel consumption thanks to the narrow tread

Car tyre with good handling in winter have a narrow tread generally. The reason for this is that the vehicle weight distributed over a smaller area. Thus, the winter tyres more pressure acting on the ground, which means that they sink deeper in the snow. In this case, access the tread blocks and the tyre gets a better grip. So it is with the 165 60 R14 winter tyres. The narrow tread also has a positive effect on energy efficiency. Since the rolling resistance is quite small, the fuel consumption falls from low. Moreover convince the 165 60 R14 winter tyres by a responsive ride.

Top ratings for winter tyres Vredestein Series SNOWTRAC 3

An inexpensive alternative to winter tyres, the premium manufacturer is the series Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3 . The tyres have been to the magazine Auto Zeitung, ADAC and Autobild get the verdict "Highly recommended". Through their serrated grip with the tyres get on snow and ice maximum grip. In rainy cross grooves ensure rapid removal of the water and thus for short braking distances. In addition, the profile is Vredestein SNOWTRAC self-cleaning. The tread compound of 165 60 R14 winter tyres improves handling on asphalt. The winter tyres have the Speed ​​Index T (190 km/h).

Short braking distances and an efficient handling are given with 165 60 R14 winter tyres at all times. The low tyre width provide the tyres, especially in snow and ice great benefits.

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