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Maximum safety in snow and ice with 155 80 R13 winter tyres

155 80 R13 winter tyres provide maximum driving stability on snow and ice. Moreover convince the tyres by a comfortable ride and also achieve in energy efficiency good results. The economic Car tyres are a good choice for vehicles in the small and compact cars.

Low risk of aquaplaning due to the narrow tread

Car tyres with a relatively small tread offer significant advantages over wide tyres in winter. As the vehicle weight distributed over a smaller area, the tyre digs deeper into the snow. In this way, the special winter tread can better engage and the car gets more grip. Wide tyres are however on the snow layer and come into slides. Additionally, narrow tyres like the 155 80 R13 winter tyres are less susceptible to aquaplaning. The reason is that makes a larger amount of water in a heavy rain before the wide tyres. Less tread circumvents this problem and provides also for a better grip. For driving comfort, however, the tyre height is responsible. Thus, higher a tyre is, the more rubber is present which attenuates while driving.

Winter tyres with a focus on driving safety

Especially popular in the dimension 155 80 R13 range are winter tyres like the Michelin Alpin A3 . The focus of the tyre series is clearly on driving safety on snow, ice and rain. On the one hand ensures here the tyre tread of the winter tyres with circumferential grooves and wide outer disks for an excellent grip and on the other hand, the rubber mixture containing, inter alia, aufweißt sunflower oil as an ingredient. The oil improves traction and thus braking behavior and handling of tyres. The 155 80 R13 Continental winter tyres have the speed index T (up to 190 km/h).

The dimension 155 80 R13 as winter tyres is characterized by its good navigability as well as high efficiency. In addition, the tyre size is one of the less expensive of its kind.

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