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155 65 R15 winter tyres: a good choice for small cars

For small cars like the Mini, Fiat Punto or Audi A1 155 65 R15 winter tyres offer a good mix of driving safety and comfort. Thanks narrow footprint, the tyres have sufficient support on snowy roads. In addition, the fuel consumption falls thanks to low rolling resistance tightly.

Classic design and excellent braking characteristics

155 65 R15 winter tyres are rarely represented in the tyre market. convince Nevertheless the tyres with an excellent braking and steering behavior on snow and ice as well as a comfortable ride. A number of well-known manufacturers such as Dunlop or Continental have recognized this and distribute its popular tyre model in 155 65 R15 Dimension. When designing the narrow are car tyres restrained. thanks elegant 15-inch wheels -for a coherent optics - to small cars, the tyre size, makes. Cheap 155 65 R15 winter tyres are available starting at 50 euros and also the more expensive models are not much more expensive.

A tyre for cold winter days

An outstanding performance in snow, rain and drought reach the winter tyres of the series ContiWinterContact TS 850 of the known manufacturer Continental. The tyres were selected among others at the magazine Auto Bild test winner 2012 Design. Also the ADAC and Stiftung Warentest have issued a recommendation for the quality of tyres. As 155 65 R15 winter tyres convince the tyres especially in driving safety. Wet grip is in the EU tyre label with the C class (AG). This short braking distances are guaranteed in any weather. This is made possible by an innovative rubber compound and special tread pattern with v-positioned in form tread blocks. Through the arrangement of water can under the winter tyres be transported efficiently.

Safe and comfortable it is with 155 65 R15 winter tyres on snowy roads. The fuel-saving tyres convince moreover, when driving on wet and dry asphalt. Especially recommended are the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850th

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