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155 65 R13 Car Winter tyres

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The size 155 65 R13 as winter tyres: Comfortable tyres for small cars

The dimension 155 65 R13 as winter tyres provides excellent driving qualities on snow and ice. Furthermore convince the tyres even when it comes to ride comfort and here ensure sufficient smoothness. Cheap tyres this size are available starting at around 35 euros.

Solid driving performance in difficult conditions

155 65 R13 winter tyres are offered by a number of well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Hankook or Yokohama. Optically acting tyres best on vehicles of the subcompact class. The driving characteristics to tyre of this size mainly from distinguished by a high traction on snow-covered roads. Due to the low tyre width the total weight of the vehicle is distributed over a smaller tread. For this reason, the tyre sinks deeper into the snow, so that the profile gets better grip. However, the steering characteristics, braking, performance of 155 65 R13 Winter tyres ensure even in wet and dry conditions for a high driving safety. Simultaneously, the comfort is not neglected, which is positively influenced by the large tyre height.

Running Strong Quality tyres from Continental

An excellent cornering stability, excellent handling on snow and ice as well as traction strength are some of the characteristics that the winter tyres of the series 800 Continental ContiWinterContact TS distinguished. In addition, guarantees the design of the tyre still a high level of comfort and low road noise. Winter tyres from Continental has received among others by the magazine Auto Bild, the prize as "Best tyre 2013 '. Also ADAC of Pneu could convince with good properties. In EU tyre label wet adhesion at 155 65 R13 winter tyres is indicated by the C class. Open to the winter tyre for speeds of up to 190 km/h.

Owners of small cars such as a Fiat Panda, Toyota Yaris or VW Polo received with 155 65 R13 winter tyres solid tyres for low external temperatures. Especially in difficult conditions due to snow and ice racing tyres this dimension on the best.

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