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145 80 R13 winter tyres: fuel-saving tyres for small cars

High comfort and maximum safety are guaranteed with 145 80 R13 winter tyres. The tyres are particularly impressive when driving on snow and ice. Good car tyres for compact cars like the Toyota Yaris, Fiat Panda or Mini are.

Ride comfort for the cold season

145 80 R13 winter tyres have a small footprint that gives them on snowy roads particularly good grip. In combination with the large tyre height, the tyres provide a safe and very comfortable ride. Another plus is the low fuel consumption of the car tyres. This is due to the low rolling resistance of the tyres, which in turn has a positive effect of small footprint. Recommended 145 80 R13 winter tyres include the Continental Winter Contact TS 800 . The winter tyres have a v-shaped tread pattern, which has an enormous rigidity and thus ensures excellent handling. Additional biting edges in the patented honeycomb sipes also improve the grip on ice and snow.

Striking Block profile for maximum grip

Good handling characteristics in any weather conditions also offer Barum Polaris 3 as 145 80 R13 winter tyres. However, in relation to the series of the premium manufacturer Continental the tyres are much cheaper. The profile of the tyre is optimized for winter conditions. Distinctive tread blocks form the backbone of the tread and ensure optimal grip on snowy terrain. In addition, the blocks form a plurality of longitudinal grooves which the water in the rain under the snow tyres displace effectively. Wet grip is in the EU tyre label with the C class. In addition, the 145 80 R13 winter tyres from Barum produce only low rolling noise while driving.

145 80 R13 winter tyres represent a high friction, low fuel consumption and greater driving comfort. With the series Barum Polaris 3 and Continental Winter Contact TS 800 are two excellent series of this size on the market.

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