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Dimension 145 70 R13 winter tyres for compact cars

The tyre dimensions 145 70 R13 is a particularly widespread Ggröße for small cars with winter tyres and summer tyres. In order to safely get through the winter, one should note a few details when buying winter tyres.

The correct dimension of tyres is crucial

The designation 145 70 R13 as winter tyres describes a tyre of 145 mm wide, 70% cross-section has (ratio tyre height to width) and fits on a wheel with a diameter of 13 inches. Which tyres may be operated on a specific vehicle, one learns from the data of the registration certificate. Winter tyres have partly due to a speed limit. This limitation refers to the speed, which can withstand the maximum tyre. Exceeding this, the manufacturer can not be held liable for any damage.

What differences are there in winter tyres?

In winter, 2 kinds may be driven by the tyre: winter and all-season tyres. It is important that the tyres for mud and snow (M + S) are suitable. In this tyre with the label M + S are designed especially for use in wintry road conditions, such as the Hankook Winter I CEPT RS W442 M + S . This is achieved on the one hand by the rubber mixture as well as by the profile used. In areas where little snow falls and the winter distinguishing rather by low temperatures and lots of rain, t can also be used an all-weather tyre. In several centimeters of snow but also in the segment 145 70 R13 a winter tyre has distinct advantages.

In order not to put yourself and other road users in danger, winter tyres are essential for winter road. Before buying one must also inform you of the tyre quality (the manufacturer or), as there are numerous offers for the 145 70 R13 winter tyres.

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