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145 60 R13 Car Winter tyres

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145 60 R13 winter tyres

Winter tyres are available in many different sizes, so for all vehicle models the appropriate version can be found. Agile small car and compact are traveling, for example, with 145 60 R13 winter tyres. The vehicle registration certificate indicates whether this size is suitable for the host vehicle.

The mean the information on the winter tyres

What it is now, when the information 145 60 R13 are noted on a winter tyre? The first number is 145 mm for the tyre width, in this case. This is suitable for compact cars and small city cars 145 60 R13 winter tyres rather narrow tyres and corresponding best. The second number is the nominal aspect ratio, the ratio of height to width tyre. Here, this ratio is 60 percent. In addition, there are radial tyres , such as the R reveals, so to common car tyres. The diameter is 13 inches. 145 60 R13 winter tyres are so compact, handy tyre, ideal for the wintry city traffic.

Winter tyres for many different small cars

145 60 R13 winter tyres use a variety of different small cars and compact cars. Accordingly profound is also the supply of winter-grade tyres in this dimension. Motorists can opt for example for quality tyres and premium tyres, including Dunlop winter tyres or Hankook. Even cheap winter tyres are to be found in this size. For a good grip and a strong traction winterized treads are needed. The M + S symbol stands for driving safety on ice and snow.

Certainly with compact cars on the road: With 145 60 R13 winter tyres enjoy both drivers a good road in winter conditions as well as a comfortable ride. Good, these tyres are according to their diameter of 13 inch car rims .

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