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Vredestein Ultrac Vorti Summer tyres for cars

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Ultrac Vorti: style and sportiness in the ultra high performance segment

The Ultrac Vorti is a tyre from the ultra high performance segment of Vredestein , technological innovation with a top design of Giugiaro Mitentwicklers merges. Therefore, style and sportiness are the outstanding characteristics of the Ultrac Vorti. The Ultrac Vorti should meet the highest standards and even under extreme loads even top services also show in driving comfort and safety.

Design and driving characteristics

The contributed by Giugiaro name has echoes of the Italian word for air jets, and the tread is actually reminiscent of a rotor. The car tyres are optimized for mounting on either the front or rear axle of a vehicle. For sporty surroundings when cornering, the two circumferential grooves provide in the outer walls with two different angles. At the same time guarantees this design feature even wear due to optimized rolling properties. The Ultrac Vorti also has a contour with four instead of the usual three radii. This increases the contact area, the contact pressure is distributed more evenly for more grip and when cornering resulting in combination with the asymmetrical tread a softer ride.

The Ultrac Vorti offer a high degree of smoothness

The Ultrac Vorti runs particularly quietly. For the construction of the tyre ensures equal in different ways. The two circumferential grooves are designed so that they minimize the rolling noise. In addition, the tread blocks are asymmetrically distributed in the tyre shoulder and reduce in combination with an optimized angle of the lateral shoulder grooves noise even further. In addition, the blocks are summer tyre has been transferred to the inner and outer tyre shoulders against each other, preventing additional noise.

The Ultrac Vorti is a high-performace tyres of premium class car, stands out with excellent styling and exceptional driving characteristics.

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