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Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Summer tyres for cars

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Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup is a sports tyre which is subjected to continuous development. Most recently, this tyre has the dual compound technology, which ensures a particularly good handling on wet road and aquaplaning. With this tyre Michelin wants to convince even the most demanding drivers of its proprietary technology.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup is a tyre for high performance and yields

Michelin is just like Dunlop or Continental involved in the development and production of tyres, which are used in motorsport, among other things. Such car tyres are tested primarily on slopes with a sports car. They stop at its borders and the developers of Michelin know exactly how the tyres will behave on the road in public transport. After the tests are completed, the engineers can make any improvements, so that the tyre is optimally prepared for civilian use. From such a development phase, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup arises. There is a car tyre that is suitable for all car classes. Its outstanding properties come with powerful cars particularly expressed.

Tested on the sports car brand BMW and Porsche

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup is used inter alia as a reference tyre in the well known manufacturers such as BMW and Porsche. Cars like the Porsche 911 or the BMW M3 has been with the car tyres Michelin brought to the limits of their performance. The tyre, keeping all the important characteristics that contribute to the safety and driving comfort. The profile of the tyre consists of several structures. The inside ensures stability and guides the water quickly. From the outside, the profile is more massive. This maximum liability is secured on a dry road.

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, the French tyre manufacturer offers a secure car tyres that can withstand even at maximum power. In motorsport this tyre was at its best. Therefore, it is virtually certain that it also ensures the road for maximum safety and comfort.

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