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GT Radial SportActive Summer tyres for cars

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GT Radial SportActive Tyre

GT Radial is a Chinese tyre company, out to prove the dominance of Chinese technology and lift its image. They belong to the top ten tyre manufacturers of the world.

The Sporty Summer Tyres GT Radial SportActive is specifically manufactured for ultra-powered premium racing cars. They incorporate extremely accurate sensitivity to steering rotation. The GT Radial SportActive tyre was tested and developed year-round, by taking advantage of seven test track bases of operations around the world.

Tyre GT Radial SportActive Has Superior Wet & Dry Grip

For short laps in wet conditions, these tyres have a dynamically tighter turn-in and swift yet firm cornering grip. They provide smooth stability throughout the track; with fewer chances of abrupt oversteer in water. While it has yet to beat the premium brand tyres, it suffices in performance against its competitors.

For dry conditions, GT Radial SportActive tyre provide a uniform handling. The feel of steering was consistent and exceeds expectations in terms of manoeuvrability.  

Redefined Durability & Low Wear Levels

The tyres are rated with an estimated tread life of 40,000 kilometres. The tyres offer excellent traction and quick steering response. They’re ultimately better for driving in wet as well as dry, with it comes to short laps. We have increasing expectations of GT Radial in the future!

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