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Fulda EcoControl HP Summer tyres for cars

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Fulda Ecocontrol HP: fuel-saving miracle of German quality

If car tyres sought that do not cost much, but they have to offer yet produced in Germany quality, many drivers decide for the manufacturer Fulda . The quality tyres are produced in the same city. The Fulda Ecocontrol HP not only provides a comfortable ride, but also has another important advantage: it effectively helps in saving fuel.

Low rolling resistance leads to low fuel consumption

The low purchase price motorists save on purchase of Fulda Ecocontrol HP money. Your wallet will be further protected by the low fuel consumption. The low fuel consumption is brought about by the low rolling resistance. Novel rubber compounds and a sophisticated tread design ensure that the tyres can be moved with less force forward. Less effort also means that less energy is consumed. In this way, the Fulda Ecocontrol HP is a small saving miracle.

So ecologically and economically

Not only because of its economical driving behavior can convince the Fulda Ecocontrol HP. In practice, it falls by reliable aquaplaning on straight line as in curves on. It therefore offers a high level of safety on wet roads. His performance on dry stretching is "very good" by the Stiftung Warentest even. The stable rubber compounds protect the summer tyres also against too rapid wear. The Fulda Ecocontrol HP is therefore a very sustainable decision and bears the additional "Eco" in its name cope perfectly: Due to the low wear and low fuel consumption of the summer tyre is, as ecologically and economically.

Frugal motorists see the Fulda Ecocontrol HP a high quality tyres. It is suitable for all common types of passenger cars and convinced in the summer heat as well as during heavy downpours.

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