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Fulda Carat Progresso Summer tyres for cars

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Fulda Carat Progresso - a thoroughly convincing high performance tyres

The Fulda Carat Progresso is convincing with its excellent overall performance spectrum in all respects. Particularly noteworthy is the optimum braking and aquaplaning performance this Fulda summer tyres , resulting in unmatched safety reserves even in critical driving situations.

Special tread compound and optimum water displacement

The Fulda Carat Progresso offers an above-average performance even on wet roads. Key factor for this is the special tread compound that is based on a specially developed high hysteresis contact formula. Thus, this car tyres all road irregularities adapts optimally and also on wet surfaces thanks to its low elasticity best adhesion. In addition, the directional tread for an all around effective water drainage makes. Due to the high density of edges and radial grooves also optimal water displacement is in any case guaranteed. Like the rest of the summer tyre , the Fulda Carat Progresso on a very low noise emission, which are attached by the array of different tread block sizes in the tread center and the shoulders. This makes the Fulda Carat Progresso especially quiet and contributes to a smooth ride with at.

Fulda - advanced technology from Germany

The subsidiaries of Goodyear Dunlop manufactures more than 100 years at the site Fulda quality tyres that know how to convince in all respects. Long ago, this cutting-edge technology has gained acceptance internationally and tyres for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and vans are in great demand worldwide. In the production, the company attaches great importance to a continuous development of the products, which can be ensured by the intensive development and research. Even under extreme weather conditions it is with the tyres from Fulda therefore completely safe and convenient way.

With its many good handling characteristics of the Fulda Carat Progresso established the excellent reputation of the German mark. Particularly noteworthy is the high smoothness, low noise and the excellent drivability even on wet roads.

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