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Firestone Multihawk Summer tyres for cars

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Firestone Multihawk - the tyre for outstanding comfort

With the Firestone Multihawk the popular American manufacturer presents a usual quality tyre that delivers outstanding comfort during each drive. The popular Summer tyres have many good handling characteristics, thanks to which can be mastered even adverse climatic problems.

Outstanding braking performance and elegant design

The Firestone Multihawk is rightly considered a quality summer tyre which is safe on the road even at high humidity and moisture. This is ensured by the special tread pattern, so that journeys can be undertaken through challenging terrain or at high speeds. No wonder combines the Sommerpneu Firestone but all the advantages of a high-performance tyre with perfect security and a sleek and attractive design. In addition, the Firestone Multihawk characterized by its outstanding ability to steer as well as its enormous adaptability. Worth mentioning is also its reliable braking performance and low rolling noise, which again considerably for smooth ride with contributing.

Firestone - quality tyres from the United States

The broad selection of Firestone tyres convinces always been car owners from around the world. You all know the high quality and optimum performance of Firestone tyres appreciate, thanks to which a comprehensive driving comfort is guaranteed at all times. In the 100 years of history, the company was therefore able to expand its range of tyres steadily and long, there are next to models for cars and tyres for motor vehicles, vans and buses. All of Firestone tyres are manufactured under high safety and quality requirements, which is reflected among other things in a long service life and high mileage.

With the Firestone Multihawk one purchases a genuine all-rounder, who knows how to exist even in adverse weather conditions. This high performance tyre has not only a superior steerability and an enormous flexibility as well as a low rolling noise, so that each drive a special experience is.

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