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Federal SS-595 Summer tyres for cars

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Federal SS 595, proven quality for the summer

The tyre manufacturer Federal has especially made ​​a name as General Motors for the basic equipment of its vehicles in this car tyres recourse. Some cars are thereby equipped with summer tyres as standard Federal SS 595th The excellent price-performance ratio is also convincing motorists who like sporty way.

Secure aquaplaning and good traction

The advantages of the Federal SS 595 Tyres: There are rubber compounds used, which remain stable even at high temperatures. The tyre thus does not deform, moves at a uniform rolling resistance and good traction. This reduces fuel consumption, which is why the Federal SS 595 turn out to be very cost effective operation. Already, the purchase price of the Federals is lower than with comparable competing - the quality is still high. This also proves the profile design of the Federal SS 595 Tyres: Large, showy fins are set so that they derive water well to the side and to the rear. Therefore Wet roads extend the braking distance only marginally.

Sporty good looks for many different types of vehicles

With its large fins makes the Federal SS 595 also optically a good impression. In combination with various aluminum wheels , it gives cars a sporty look. The summer tyre is available in different inch sizes, is therefore suitable for medium-sized cars as well as for sports sedans. Higher speeds are for the Federal SS 595 no problem: Some models are allowed up to speed category V may therefore be driven at 240 km/h. Motorists who want convincing performance for little money will be satisfied with the Federal SS 595 tyres.

Good quality, costs little: The Federal SS 595 also convinces sporting motorists. Its design also evaluates virtually every vehicle on visually. A sustainable and cost-effective decision for more fun in the summer.

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