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265 35 R18 Car Summer tyres

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265 35 R18 summer tyres: traction Strong tyres for middle and upper class

The tyre size 265 35 R18 summer tyres as the ideal choice for drivers with a sporty driving style. Thanks to wide tread and low profile tyres which guarantee excellent handling characteristics at high speed. Best act the summer tyres on sporty medium-class and upper-class cars such as Audi S4 or BMW 550i.

Sporting wide tyres with superior braking

For the performance of a tyre are mainly three factors responsible: Tread, tread compound and the dimensions of the tyres. The tyre size takes on the role of the base, which specifies the basic characteristics. Using individual rubber compounds and tread patterns these basic properties can be optimized. Traction, braking and handling are determined specifically on the tyre width. The 265 35 R18 summer tyres this is relatively large, so that a high grip is generated. Added to this is the low tyre section, which has a positive effect on the cornering stability. In addition, the wear due to the low profile is smaller because when walking the 265 35 R18 summer tyres less heat is generated.

A good choice - The quality summer tyres Kumho

Maximum driving safety in rain and wet guarantee the Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39 . As 265 35 R18 summer tyres, the tyres in EU tyre label for wet grip with both class A (AG) are marked. requires a vehicle with tyres of class F, on wet roads, during emergency braking (80 km/h), up to 18 meters longer braking distance: Compared. Class B tyres still have an up to 3 meters longer braking distance under these conditions. The 265 35 R18 summer tyres from Kumho achieve this top performance through efficient silica compound and a grooved slat profile. Open to the high-performance tyre for speeds of up to 300 km/h.

265 35 R18 summer tyres are characterized by short braking distances and optimum handling - even at high speeds. One of the best Pneus its dimension is the Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39.

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