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255 50 R19 Car Summer tyres

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255 50 R19 summer tyres: fast wide tyres with plenty of driving comfort

255 50 R19 summer tyres are high-performance tyres for vehicles of the middle and upper class as the BMW 335i, VW Passat R36 or Mercedes E 500. The tyres are particularly well suited for drivers with a sporty driving style, which also put on a lot of driving comfort value ,

Optimal braking in rain and drought

The selection of 255 50 R19 summer tyres is manageable, but includes well-known manufacturers such as Bridgestone or Continental. tyres of this size are the basis for high-traction tyres with excellent steering and braking characteristics in wet and dry. The wide tread that have car tyres a high rolling resistance. With increasing rolling resistance increases traction and therefore to improve the already enumerated attributes braking, handling and traction. Unlike wide tyres with low tyre height convince the 255 50 R19 summer tyres moreover, when it comes to ride comfort. They consist of more rubber than flatter tyre sizes with myself width and the same inner diameter. The rubber dampening effect and thereby greatly enhance smoothness.

Energy-efficient summer tyre from Dunlop in dimensions 255 50 R19

Excellent results in both energy efficiency and in the area wet grip achieve the Dunlop SP Quattromaxx . As 255 50 R19 summer tyres for series in EU tyre Label Class A in wet grip and Class C in fuel consumption. Rubber compound and tread pattern are optimized for a sporty driving style. The summer tyres are suitable in addition to performing cars for SUVs. In addition convince the high-performance tyres have low rolling noise by (69 decibels), which provide a relaxed ride. The Dunlop SP Quattromaxx have the Speed ​​Index Y (300 km/h).

Good handling characteristics, low fuel consumption and a pleasant comfortable riding experience offer 255 50 R19 summer tyres. Additional the tyres provide a sporty look to SUVs as well as cars of the middle and upper class.

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