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255 40 R19 Car Summer tyres

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255 40 R19 summer tyres: sports tyres for vehicles of the middle and upper class

Now it is sporty. Summer tyres in size 255 40 R19 are an excellent choice for speeders and those who want to visually emphasize their vehicle. The tyres have excellent grip, which has a positive effect in the traction, the braking performance and cornering stability.

Maximum grip thanks to wider tread

255 40 R19 summer tyres have a particularly wide tread. Thus, the total weight of the vehicle spread over more area. Manufacturers can therefore use softer rubber compounds as for thinner tyres. It follows that the car tyres better located on the street, and thus to improve handling and braking. Moreover, the rolling resistance increases with the width of the tyre, and therefore also the traction is optimized. Through their low cross-section 255 40 R19 summer tyres also high cornering stability, which pays off particularly in a sporty driving style. Another advantage of the wide tyre is its striking appearance. Thanks to eye-catching 19-inch wheels and large tread area the summer tyres provide the vehicle for a more powerful appearance.

Low consumption and short braking distances

Recommended in the group of 255 40 R19 summer tyres is among others the series Kumho ECSTA LE SPORT KU39 . Firstly, the tyres feature an excellent braking performance on wet and dry roads and on the other hand, the tyres are fuel-efficient. Especially with wide tyres of this size is a good fuel consumption rather the exception. The focus of quality tyres is but clearly at the driving characteristics. Even at high speed provide the tyres for maximum steering precision. Admitted are summer tyres Kumho for a top speed of 300 km/h.

Motorists with a sporty driving style will be absolutely satisfied with the high-traction 255 40 R19 summer tyres. The tyres offer everything which is important for a fast and safe drive on sunny days.

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