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255 35 R18 Car Summer tyres

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255 35 R18 summer tyres: high-performance tyres for middle and upper class cars

255 35 R18 summer tyres are a very popular tyres for sporty vehicles of middle and upper class as the Mazda MX-5, BMW 550i or Mercedes S-Class. The focus is on all car tyres on a sporty driving performance and excellent braking properties on dry and wet asphalt.

Sporty looks and short braking distances

The dimensions of 255 35 R18 summer tyres show that this is wide tyres. Typical characteristics of the tyres: Excellent handling, high traction and short braking distances. In addition, the summer tyres belong to the low-profile tyres, which ensure a high stability when cornering. The reason for the superb handling characteristics, among other things, the wide tread of tyres to call. This provides a large rolling resistance, which in turn significantly improves the grip. Additionally, manufacturers use for soft rubber mixtures, because the car's weight distributed more tyre surface. In addition to the driving characteristics convince 255 35 R18 summer tyres also by their appearance. The large 18-inch wheels and low cross sections give the tyres a sporty appearance.

Strong traction Summer tyres from Dunlop

Highest performance in wet grip and fuel reach the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT . During summer tyre test in April 2013 the magazine Sport Auto, the tyres have emerged as the winner. Even with the independent tests of ADAC got the wide tyres, a "good" as a final grade. The low consumption and good braking characteristics are attributable to the asymmetric profile of the tyre. Width longitudinal and small lateral grooves give the summer Dunlop even when wet enough footing. The midrib is continuous and thus ensures more traction. Pronounced shoulder regions also improve driving stability.

255 35 R18 summer tyres are designed and wide tyres accordingly for a fast and sporty driving style. They are high traction and offer at any time a very precise steering response.

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