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255 30 R19 Car Summer tyres

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255/30 R19

These tyres are known for their excellent grip on dry road. None is comparable when it comes to their grip on the road in dry conditions. They have so far the best handling and stability over speed. The tread width provides excellent cornering and braking too. In a matter of starting to use them, the vehicle vibration gets to the lowest levels and hence no pitch vibration. Pattern noise is really reduced and the ride is very comfortable. No significant effect on fuel efficiency yet the tread wear is around 8/10. There is no incident tram lining over the longer route. They are best for vehicle with a 19” profile since it helps provide minimum inner edge wear; also they provide a very smooth and confidence inspiring drive.  The grooves in the design provide maximum wet traction and anti hydroplaning performance.  Not highly recommended for winters and snow, but best for dry road.

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