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245 50 R18 Car Summer tyres

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245 50 R18 summer tyres: Excellent wide tyre for compact and medium range

With the dimensions 245 50 R18 summer tyres as car drivers opt for a particularly sporting tyres. The tyres are characterized by a strong traction, excellent cornering stability and optimum handling. On vehicles of compact and mid-summer tyres get the best effect.

Excellent driving rain or shine

245 50 R18 summer tyres belong to their dimensions in the group of the wide tyres. They are designed for high speeds and offer it at any time excellent handling characteristics. The wide tread the tyres have a large rolling resistance, which has a positive effect on the grip. More grip leads to improved braking and steering characteristics and to a stronger traction. In addition, the score tyres when cornering stability, thanks to the low tyre section. For journeys on wet and dry asphalt 245 50 R18 summer tyres are the ideal choice.

High-performance tyres from Pirelli

The 245 50 R18 summer tyres series Pirelli P Zero inspire with outstanding driving performance and low rolling noise. In EU tyre label the tyres in the wet grip with both class A (AG) are marked. A vehicle with tyres of class C needed in comparison with a hard stop (80 km/h) in wet conditions up to 7 meters longer braking distance - in class F tyres it would even be up to 18 meters. What a difference that influences the driving safety significantly. For the outstanding results of Pirelli summer tyres, the rubber compound with nano particles is responsible, among other things, as well as the special profile of the tyres. The tread pattern consists of deep longitudinal grooves, which derive water effectively and additionally reinforced tread blocks on the outer shoulder.

Who on the search for high-performance tyres for the car is the tyre size 245 50 R18 should look even more closely. The size offers a number of benefits that create ideal conditions for a sporty driving style.

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