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245 40 R20 Car Summer tyres

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245 40 R20 summer tyres: Sporty wide tyre for compact and medium range

A high traction driveability and optimum cornering stability are the dimensions 245 40 R20 than summer tyres. Visually come the wide car tyres on sporty compact and mid-sized car to best advantage such as the Audi S4 or BMW 335i.

More rolling resistance improves traction

Those looking after a suitable tyres for the warm months of the year, the 245 40 R20 summer tyres should definitely take a closer look. The tyres have a very wide tread, whereby the rolling resistance big fails. With increasing rolling resistance of a tyre traction series increases, which in turn greatly improve the handling, braking and traction. Particularly convincing on dry asphalt and in light rain 245 40 R20 summer tyres by an outstanding performance. Another plus point of the tyres is also pronounced cornering stability. Due to the low profile ensures the summer tyre maximum support when cornering.

Excellent handling characteristics and excellent energy efficiency

The dimension 245 40 R20 summer tyres as quoted by a variety of manufacturers. Highly recommended are the Ecsta Le Sport KU39-tyres from Kumho . In EU tyre label that summer tyres achieve absolute top marks for wet grip with both class A (AG). requires a vehicle with tyres of class F during emergency braking (80 km/h) on a wet road up to 18 meters longer braking distance: Compared. Also cuts the tyres off in energy efficiency. With a Class C classification have summer tyres Kumho low fuel consumption. In addition, the mileage is quite high, which is why the tyre by a good economy thrilled. The tyre series has the speed index Y (up to 300 km/h).

Fast car rides on dry and wet asphalt are a sure thing with the 245 40 R20 summer tyres. The tyre size offers both visually and technically a sporty performance that impresses.

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