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245 40 R19 Car Summer tyres

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The dimension 245 40 R19: summer tyres that can convince

Car owners who are looking for a 245 40 R19er summer tyres, can benefit from an extensive range in this area. Meanwhile, there are various well-known manufacturers, the tyres for the summer anbieen in this size.

Shorter braking distances and exceptional durability

To provide companies like Dunlop, Pirelli or Hankook to the dimension 245 40 R19 than summer tyres. Also worth mentioning is the Primacy HP ZP by Michelin , a high performance tyre, which was already used in several car manufacturers for original equipment of their cars. So stands this 245 40 R19er summer tyre with its particularly short braking distances and high mileage, which increases driving enjoyment even in heavy rainfall again considerably. This is thanks to the very stable material and the optimal pressure distribution, which has a very positive effect on safety. Add to this the massive tread blocks and the high number of blades which provide a very fast and efficient drainage. Thus, the risk of aquaplaning to be feared no more.

High stability and very quiet operation

The good performance through which distinguished this model of dimension 245 40 R19 summer tyres from the segment, and the Turanza ER 300 from stands Bridgestone in nothing. This model of the well-known manufacturer may also come up with a sophisticated tread design and strong outer shoulders, which increases the stability and the security considerably during each trip. Equally noteworthy is the very uniform and smooth ride, so that the comfort at no time is too short. For a perfect driving pleasure created therefore in all respects.

It is the comprehensive product range not difficult to find a high-quality and high-performance tyre size 245 40 R19 summer tyres from the segment. Models such as the Turanza ER 300 Bridgestone or Primacy HP ZP made by Michelin prove laufstarke high-performance tyres, which will provide special driving experience.

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