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235 60 R18 Car Summer tyres

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235 60 R18 summer tyres for high-powered vehicles

In the dimension 235 60 R18 summer tyres as it is a purpose-built construction, with whose help find high-horsepower vehicles at a variety of conditions sufficient grip. The SUV tyres offers on dry, wet, sandy and rocky tracks a good performance.

The flexible properties of tyres

Unlike narrower tyres for other vehicles, research and development of the dimension 235 60 R18 summer tyres as is much more complex. This must comply with numerous features to meet the high demands of consumer needs. So a smooth running at a speed of over 200 km/h provided for example on motorways. But not only on the streets must this summer tyres offer a good grip and ride comfort. After all, who has a SUV vehicle, would also able to run sandy or rocky terrain, without endangering their own safety.

tyre models and their performance

The Make 235 60 R18 summer tyres as proves to be very versatile. A tyre of one of the most popular models. This is one reason why the magazine Auto Zeitung, the manufacturers of various manufacturers looked closer and examined for their performance. As the clear winner proved to be the model of Continental, which was able to break from its competitors, especially in the area wet braking and aquaplaning. On dry slopes showed Bridgestone a good performance, the difference to other tyre models is relatively low. As surprisingly well proved the Nokian Tyres, which was able to achieve a very good result with a balanced performance.

SUVs find the Make 235 60 R18 summer tyres as a good Pneu before that managed to convince the last test result. The density of the manufacturers is enormous, making hardly a reason for concern for consumers to choose the wrong tyre model.

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