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235 45 R19 Car Summer tyres

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235 45 R19 summer tyres: sporty wide tyres for cars and SUVs

The dimension 235 45 R19 summer tyres as part of the group of wide tyres. Accordingly, the tyres have very good braking and steering characteristics on asphalt and high traction feature. The latter becomes even when looking at the Speed ​​Index noticeable because tyres of this size are designed for very high speeds.

High traction and excellent braking

When temperatures are high and the asphalt is literally burns come the time of high-performance tyres. Now achieve car tyres with wider tread their best results in the field of traction, braking and handling. But even with moderate numbers of degrees and possible rain are wide tyres like the 235 45 R19 summer tyres an excellent choice. Their superb traction on dry and wet asphalt have the tyres due to the high rolling resistance, which in turn is due to the wide tread. Moreover convince 235 45 R19 summer tyres for good cornering stability. Visually ensure striking 19-inch wheels and the low cross-section for sporting just the perfect size.

Cheap summer tyre with superb handling characteristics

Balanced driving characteristics and the best value for money offer 235 45 R19 summer tyres series Nokian Z SUV . The comfortable SUV tyres consists of an innovative rubber compound, with shares of rape and silica (salt of silicic acid). Individual tread layers help to create a flexible profile behavior. The strength of the center rib is for example optimized so that the summer tyres respond more directly at steering movements. In contrast, a thin outer layer reduces the development of heat, thus ensuring better mileage. The 235 45 R19 summer tyres Nokian approved for a top speed of 300 km/h.

Wide tyres guarantee when driving on dry and wet asphalt for its capability. The 235 45 R19 summer tyres are no exception. SUV and car owners with a high standard of driving safety can access reassured in this tyre size.

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