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235 45 R17 Car Summer tyres

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235 45 R17 summer tyres: Optimum travel characteristics for compact and medium range

Summer tyres in size 235 45 R17 are very popular with many drivers. The wide tyres offer high traction and excellent steering response. In addition, 235 45 R17 summer tyres provide specifically at sporting compact and midsize cars for a striking appearance.

Sporty looks and short braking distances

Wide tyres have long been preferred as tyres for the summer. Here on the one hand makes the optics an important role, since car tyres with low profile and large inner diameter give the car a sporty appearance. More importantly, however, the driving characteristics. Especially on dry asphalt and slight moisture can Pneus as the 235 45 R17 summer tyres reach their full potential. The decisive factor is the large tyre rolling resistance, which ensures a maximum grip. The rolling resistance increases with the width of the tread. In addition, the low tyre height for improved cornering stability.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue: peaks in consumption and the wet grip

The best values ​​for wet grip and energy efficiency have the car tyres as standard Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue . In EU tyre label the tyres are marked with a Class B fuel consumption and Class A in wet grip. need a car tyre with class C tyre in an emergency stop (80 km/h) in wet conditions up to 7 meters longer braking distance than the 235 45 R17 summer tyres Pirelli: Compared. Responsible for these excellent results the successful mix of tyre size, rubber compound and tread pattern. The Pirelli summer tyres have the speed index Y (up to 300 km/h).

Ideal conditions for safe driving pleasure in the summer. With the 235 45 R17 summer tyres buyers receive high-traction wide tyres with optimal handling characteristics. As Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue, the tyres also have a very low fuel consumption.

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