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235 40 R19 Car Summer tyres

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235 40 R19 summer tyres: high-traction tyres with casual look

235 40 R19 summer tyres belong to the category of wide tyres. Thanks to their large tread and the low tyre section have the tyres excellent driving characteristics on dry and wet roads. In addition, the 19-inch wheels provide a particularly striking appearance.

Outstanding driveability rain or shine

Drivers who prefer a sporty driving style, will be completely satisfied with the performance of 235 40 R19 summer tyres. These car tyres include traction, steering response, cornering stability and braking on asphalt. In modern summer tyres this dimension also the fuel consumption is positively influenced by special rubber compounds and effective tyre profiles are used. As a basis, the wide tread of 235 40 R19 summer tyres a high rolling resistance and thus a seh good traction. Also be used for wide tyres this size particularly soft rubber compounds which further improve traction.

High performance tyre for compact and middle class

Of particular note in the range of 235 40 R19 summer tyres is the series Michelin PILOT SUPERSPORT . The high-performance tyres of renowned manufacturer achieve excellence in wet grip. On wet roads, the grooved slat profile of the tyres ensures that the tyres have a better grip and the risk of aquaplaning low. Use deep longitudinal grooves, water is discharged quickly and efficiently to the outside, so that no dangerous layer under the summer tyre forms. In addition, wide outer disks provide greater driving stability and optimum braking. In EU tyre label wet grip is given to the best class, Class A. Come to the tyre also by their low rolling noise. Open to the Michelin PILOT SUPERSPORT for a top speed of 300 km/h.

From a high degree of safety and driving pleasure is the mixture that makes 235 40 R19 summer tyres so popular. Owners of sporty compact and midsize cars meet with this tyre size an excellent choice.

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