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Summer tyres with 225 mm tread width

With the selection of suitable tyres allow motorists a safer and more comfortable ride during the entyre summer season. Summer tyres with 225 mm width have a stable form and carry an economic ride in all road conditions during the warm season when. Thanks to its small width, they are specially designed for comfort, which is why they are ideally suited for compact cars and mid-size sedans.

Summer tyres, 225 mm tread width - Matched to safety and driving comfort

The increasing demand for high quality summer tyre is quite understandable when one considers the ever-increasing performance of vehicles, and the demanding traffic conditions. Especially with high track temperatures, rain or speeds well over 130 km/h tyre plays an important role in security. The tyre size is one of the most important factors. Summer tyres with 225 mm tyre width have a solid form, the vehicles of the compact and mid allows enough stability on dry and wet, curvy and straight roads. Their running surface consists of a high-quality rubber compound which is applied in several layers. In this way, the summer tyres ensured with 225-mm-wide precise handling and high braking performance at extreme summer temperatures.

Tests confirm: Summer tyres that are 225 mm wide, provide increased safety

It is primarily the safety, the most important factor when buying a tyre. Second is the ride comfort for most car owners. Tests prove that summer tyres with 225 mm tyre width show very good performance in almost any situation on dry and wet roads. They provide tremendous stability, reduce thanks to the not too wide contact patch the running noise and provide enhanced braking response. Summer tyres from Michelin wearing bib at a significantly lower fuel consumption. tyre models of this brand with the label "Energy Saver" show in various tests that they support an economic ride even at higher speeds.

Summer tyres with 225 mm width provide a good basis for increased comfort and road safety. They are tested repeatedly and therefore comply with the latest safety standards. These fit optically perfectly with aluminum wheels .

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