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225 45 R18 Car Summer tyres

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225 45 R18 summer tyres - excellent handling characteristics on wet and dry asphalt

225 45 R18 summer tyres convince by two characteristics: First, excellent driving characteristics and traction in wet and dry conditions. Secondly, by a distinctive design, which is further enhanced with compatible 18er wheels.

Strong traction wide tyre for compact and midsize cars

Compact cars and mid segment cars get the 225 45 R18 summer tyres a sporty tyres for high speeds. The wide tread of car tyres ensures greater rolling resistance while driving. This allows the engine power of the vehicle are implemented effectively on the road. In addition, provides more rolling resistance for better braking and steering characteristics. This applies both to dry and wet asphalt. The large inner diameter of 225 45 R18 summer tyres is developed for 18er wheels. Running and driving stability are positively influenced by the large wheels.

Optimal wet adhesion with the Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5

In the size 225 45 R18 tyres series achieve Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 with the best results. The tyres for the car to be delivered by the class A in wet grip in the EU tyre label. This is the best rating and means that a vehicle with Class B tyre in an emergency stop (80 km/h) on a wet road up to 3 meters longer braking distance - the braking distance for tyres of Class F is average even up to 18 meters longer. In addition, Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 also have good ratings in the tyre noise and fuel consumption. The latter is indicated by the C class. The maximum speed of the tyre is 300 km/h.

Short braking distances and excellent performance make the dimension 225 45 R18 in the summer tyre segment an excellent tyre for compact and middle class. The high-traction wide tyres also have a sporty look and a responsive ride.

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