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225 35 R18 Car Summer tyres

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Summer Tyres 225 35 R18

Summer tyres 225 35 R18 boasts its eco-friendly features, and it is the preferred choice of people who drive sports cars and medium, large sedans. 225 35 R18 summer tyres price is it's another excellent feature. When you buy 225 35 R18 summer tyres, it means that you are not only enjoying the road benefits it has to offer but also saving your own money.

Design features of Summer Tyres 225 35 R18

225 35 R18 summer tyres offer extended tread wear as well as little resisting in rolling. They keep retaining its all-year traction which enables it to perform well in various dry, wet and winter conditions. Summer Tyres 225 35 R18 is lightweight in the vehicle; there is reduced rolling resistance.

With reduced resistance, the fuel consumption of your car will automatically optimize. The eco-friendly technology also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The 225 35 R18 summer tyres from most of the brand feature silica-enhanced compound molding right into the tread design which enables convenience in handling of the dry road and wet traction as well.

Heavy load performance of 225 35 R18 summer tyres

Frequent maintenance is required for summer tyres 225 35 R18 along with regular checks for rotation and alignment. Don’t overload your vehicle at any cost and don’t drive too fast because it will wear off the tyres in no time.

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