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Summer tyres with 215 mm tyre width

Many car manufacturers use during initial assembly summer tyres that are 215 mm wide. For good reason. These tyres are a good compromise between ride comfort, safety and economy. They are not too wide, so the rolling resistance and thus fuel consumption is lowered. On the other hand they have a sufficient contact area, so that the stability of the vehicle is maintained on winding roads themselves.

Comfortable and safe ride

Valuable materials and a high quality of help that summer tyres can withstand high loads. This is particularly evident in high track temperatures on the highway. Nowhere else the car tyre is provided so severely tested as here. So also arrange summer tyre with a 215 mm wide tread a sovereign image at speeds well over 100 km/h. They contribute to a stable position of the vehicle and provide increased braking performance. In addition to numerous security features, the 215er tyres offer many advantages that significantly improve ride comfort. The profile of these tyres is adapted for low rolling resistance. This reduces inter alia, running noises that are heard clearly at high speeds in the cab.

215er summer tyres in the test

As one of the most famous tyre manufacturer developed Dunlop for several decades summer tyres of 215 mm class. The known tyre brand regularly tests the latest models of tyres in this size. In this professional test drivers use the tyres with high performance cars that reach speeds of up to 250 km/h. All tyre models show an astonishingly good results on dry and wet test tracks. A summer tyre which is 215 mm wide, also shows good values ​​save fuel.

Summer tyres with a 215 mm wide footprint are ideal for motorists who enjoy safety and comfort while driving. They are suitable for compact and midsize cars during the entyre summer season. All summer tyres with this width can on steel and aluminum wheels are mounted.

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