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215 60 R17 Car Summer tyres

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215 60 R17 summer tyres: Comfortable car tyres for compact and medium range

The dimensions 215 60 R17 summer tyres as characterized by a strong traction, good braking and steering characteristics and a reasonable ride comfort. Visually, the car tyres to introduce the best of compact and midsize cars like the VW Golf GTI or Mazda MX. 5

Optimum adhesion due to wider tread

With a tyre width of 215 mm, the 215 60 R17 summer tyres guarantee optimal traction in wet and dry. The reason is that the rolling resistance by the wide tread is relatively high. A good grip positively affects traction, handling and braking characteristics of summer tyres from. In addition, the large amount of tyres Pneus ensures a comfortable ride, which shines through running and low rolling noise. 215 60 R17 summer tyres also score in terms of energy efficiency: The rolling resistance is chosen so that the fuel consumption low fails. Then there is the low wear and the resulting run strength of summer tyres.

Excellent summer tyres Nankang with excellent wet grip

Particularly well cut the summer tyres of the series Nankang ECO 2 in size from 215 60 R17. The quality tyres from the Taiwanese manufacturer convince both driving performance as well as economy. In EU tyre label wet grip with Class B (AG) is specified - an excellent result, which stands for short braking distances and precise handling. Slightly worse cuts the energy efficiency from the C class. The 215 60 R17 summer tyres Nankang are designed for high speeds and offer even at high speed for excellent performance. The tyres have the speed index V, thus having a maximum speed of 240 Km / hr.

215 60 R17 summer tyres are strong and fuel-efficient and offer a high level of driving safety. In addition, the delight car tyre by a first-class ride comfort.

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