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215 60 R16 Car Summer tyres

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215 60 R16 summer tyres Private car tyres for compact cars

An optimal mix of traction strength, comfort and fuel efficiency offer 215 60 R16 summer tyres. The visually restrained tyres provide very balanced properties. Good tyres for compact cars like the Mercedes C-Class, Skoda Octavia and Opel Astra are.

Comfortable ride and precise handling

How much traction a car tyres may have, depends not only on the rubber compound and the profile used, mainly by the width of the tread from. With increasing size, the adhesion increases. However, at the expense of energy efficiency. For wide tyres need a lot more fuel than their smaller counterparts, since the rolling resistance is higher. 215 60 R16 summer tyres meet at the width at the center and thus offer good traction and braking characteristics while attracting customers with a low fuel consumption. Another plus of summer tyres: they offer much ride comfort due to their large tyre height. 215 60 R16 summer tyres are average for a top speed of 210 km/h designed up to 240 km/h.

Top summer tyres of size 215 60 R16 Goodyear

As absolute peak tyre presents the Goodyear EFFICIENT GRIP PERFORMANCE . The Pneu achieved in all major areas Bestergebenisse and thereby provides both excellent handling and low fuel consumption and comfort. In the EU tyre label 215 60 R16 summer tyres achieve the best results and the Class A (AG) in the wet adhesion. The fuel consumption is the B class only slightly worse, but ensures a bulging wallet. Comfort for the ears, however, offer the low rolling noise of Goodyear summer tyres .

Excellent adhesion on wet and dry, precise steering characteristics and a high degree of driving comfort make the 215 60 R16 summer tyres to a prime tyres. Being a summer tyre series Goodyear EFFICIENT GRIP PERFORMANCE the fuel consumption is also extremely low.

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