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215 55 R18 Car Summer tyres

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Worth knowing about 215 55 R18 summer tyres

Cheap as branded summer tyres must equally safer driving in the wet and in dry conditions. But not everyone Sommerpneu suitable for any vehicle. The vehicle registration document tells you by what tyre dimensions may a car be driven. 215 55 R18 summer tyres come, depending on the model, for both off-road vehicles as well as for larger cars in question.

The mean numbers

Now what does the marking 215 55 R18 summer tyres? The first number, 215, is the tyre width, 215mm in this case. This means that this dimension Pneus relatively wide tyres, suitable for larger and heavier cars and SUVs. The second number, 55, represents the relationship between section height and width and is a percentage value. Pneus with the ratio 55 are particularly balanced and convince both a comfortable ride and a high safety. The R indicates radial tyre, the last digit, finally, 18, is the tyre diameter in inches. 18 inches corresponding converted 45.72 cm.

215 55 R18 summer tyres from leading manufacturers

215 55 R18 summer tyres for cars are manufactured by well-known manufacturers, such as Continental and Pirelli. With good safety performance and reliable aquaplaning characteristics falls about the series Continental ContiPremiumContact on in car tyre tests. Pneus this dimension are particularly suitable for the upper middle class. Because of its pleasant width they are also at high speeds well on the road. Often they are therefore admitted to the speed class V, delivering up to a pace of 240 km/h.

Owners of family cars and SUVs to meet with 215 55 R18 summer tyres a good choice. Whether as brand tyres for the car or as cheap offroad tyres , the tyres of this size are available for driving safety.

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