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215 55 R17 Car Summer tyres

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The size 215 55 R17 summer tyres as: Powerful tyres for compact and small cars

215 55 R17 summer tyres are characterized by excellent braking and steering characteristics, high traction and a responsive ride. Especially on wet and dry asphalt scored tyre dimension outstanding results. The best impression make the summer tyres on vehicles of the small car and compact class.

Reliable summer tyre with comfort

Visually, 215 55 R17 summer tyres present quite sporty: The striking 17-inch wheels and the wide tread creates a powerful picture. For a sporty driving performance also makes the tread of the tyres. It produces a high rolling resistance, which has a positive effect on the grip. The grip in turn improves traction, handling, braking, performance of the tyre . For driving comfort, however, the tyre height is responsible. With increasing height also increases the comfort of the tyre, but here the cornering stability is deteriorated. The 215 55 R17 summer tyres guarantee optimal mix of both attributes. Car tyres this size to start selling from 50 euros.

An inexpensive alternative: 215 55 R17 summer tyres Marangoni

Good summer tyres do not have to be expensive - the tyre series Marangoni Verso inspired by excellent driving characteristics and an excellent price-performance ratio. With just under 80 euros, the tyres are in the lower price range. Same time, the summer tyres when it comes to wet grip and energy efficiency a real alternative to the more expensive premium tyres. In EU tyre label fuel efficiency and wet grip are each marked with the C class. The tyre noise are indicated with the value 71 decibels - a solid result. In addition, the Marangoni Verso score summer tyre with an additionally reinforced carcass and a very high mileage.

With its dimensions offer 215 55 R17 summer tyres the optimal conditions for good driving characteristics, comfort and excellent energy efficiency. Recommended tyre of this size are the Marangoni Verso summer tyres.

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