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215 50 R17 Car Summer tyres

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215 50 R17 summer tyres: Optimum driving characteristics and low fuel consumption

The selection of 215 50 R17 summer tyres is very extensive. Manufacturers such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental know the advantages of this dimension and use them for their tyre series. Excellent handling characteristics, low fuel consumption and a reasonable ride comfort make this tyre size so popular.

Strong traction tyres for the compact and mid

Optical effect 215 50 R17 summer tyres best on for compact and mid-class coaches. The mixture of wide tread, low profile and 17-inch rims produces a consistently sporty image. Which remain even when the driving summer tyres sporty. Specifically, the tread provides excellent traction and optimum steering characteristics. Thanks to the high rolling resistance, braking, performance of 215 50 R17 summer tyres is particularly good. In addition, the tyre height forms the basis for excellent cornering stability. On the topic of driving comfort cut the summer tyres from a solid performance.

The Hankook Ventus PRIME 2 K115: Excellent performance in all weather conditions

An outstanding car tyres is the Ventus PRIME 2 K115 manufacturer Hankook . The quality tyre features a 215 50 R17 summer tyres by a very good energy efficiency and wet grip. In EU tyre label both attributes with each Class B (AG) are marked. An excellent result which has led to the testing of the magazine Auto, Motor und Sport (03/2013) on a recommendation. In addition to the excellent driving characteristics and short braking distances and the high driving comfort was praised. This offers the driver not only smooth running, but also low rolling noise while driving. The Hankook Ventus PRIME 2 K115 are high-performance tyres and have the speed index W (up to 270 km/h).

Anyone looking for high-performance car tyre is a good energy efficiency, can not get to 215 50 R17 summer tyres. The prime tyre this dimension offer safe driving pleasure on wet and dry asphalt.

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