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215 45 R18 Car Summer tyres

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Summer Tyres 215 45 R18

Summer Tyres 215 45 R18 is for the people who drive luxury and touring cars. These tyres provide predictable handling and are best suited for summer traction and daily comfort. You can buy 215 45 R18 summer tyres at very comfortable prices and another positive aspect is that these tyres are environmentally friendly too.

Technical features of 215 45 R18 summer tyres

The tread compound of these tyres has high silica and low oil content and it reduces the rolling resistance and braking distance. Its shoulder is continuous outboard and supports quick steering response while the phasing and pitch sequencing of different inboard sizes of the tread block lower the noise of the pattern.

The compound is molded into the tread that has asymmetric construction and the design handles dry conditions effectively along with winter and wet traction. 215 45 R18 summer tyres price is a huge benefiting aspect that you can avail when you buy the right size for your luxury or touring vehicle.

Maintenance of summer tyres 215 45 R18

For proper maintenance of summer tyres 215 45 R18, do check the tyre pressure along with its rotation and alignment. Don’t drive fast on highways and keep the load capacity under check as well or it will have an adverse impact on the durability of the tyre.

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