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215 45 R17 Car Summer tyres

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215 45 R17 summer tyres: Sporty car tyres for compact and medium range

With the 215 45 R17 summer tyres it is athletic: Thanks to wider tread and low section height, the tyres are approved for speeds sometimes up to 300 km/h. Despite the high tempo guarantee car tyres this size precise handling.

Width tread ensures optimum traction

215 45 R17 summer tyres are a common choice for compact and medium range cars like Audi A3, VW Golf GTI or Seat Leon Cupra. Through the tyre width of 215 mm, the tyres have plenty of tread band which has a high rolling resistance result. This is beneficial to almost all areas of navigability: traction, braking and steering behavior are thus better than thinner tyres. In combination with the tyre height of approximately 97 mm (215 mm * 0.45), the 215 45 R17 summer tyres already be counted among the wide tyres. However, the driving comfort is much better than many of the larger wide tyres.

A tyre series with ideal conditions for summer

The selection of 215 45 R17 summer tyres is huge and includes all series of well-known tyre manufacturer. In direct comparison, it intersects the Hankook VENTUS PRIME 2 K115 from with the best. The tubeless tyre confident in fuel efficiency and wet grip equally. In EU tyre label both properties with the Class B (AG) are marked. Also well intersects the summer tyres from the issue of rolling noise - the value is 71 decibels in the lower middle. Finally thrilled the Hankook VENTUS PRIME 2 K115 than 215 45 R17 summer tyres nor by its excellent price.

Sporty drivers will appreciate the 215 45 R17 summer tyres definitely. Their mix of properties of broad and standard tyres make ideal conditions for compact and middle class.

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