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215 45 R16 Car Summer tyres

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With 215 45 R16 summer tyres powerful and safe on the road

It is not difficult to find a high-performance and high-quality 215 45 R16 summer tyres, which can not be impressed by adverse weather and road conditions. Today there is a very good selection of quality summer tyres , which are in the range of all well-known manufacturers.

Low rolling resistance and excellent wet braking performance

So for example, lead manufacturers such as Dunlop or Pirelli 215 45 R16er summer tyres in its range. This also applies to the French global corporation Michelin , who presented with the Pilot Sport 3 UHP GRNX EL FSL AO a high quality and high-performance tyre, which knows how to impress with its excellent overall performance. Responsible for this shows the elaborately designed tread pattern which is provided with wide and circumferential grooves and a high number of blades. This ensures that this summer tyre exhibits very good wet braking performance even in heavy rainfall. Also noteworthy is the low rolling resistance, which makes this model very economical.

Optimal contact surface and comprehensive security

To dimension 215 45 R16 summer tyres segment and the highly acclaimed ContiPremiumContact part 2 FR the premium manufacturer Continental . This tyre impresses by a perfect contact surface and the resulting excellent interaction with the road surface, so that one is very safe on the road at any time. Add to this the very good traction and the impeccable handling what driving enjoyment even on long journeys increases considerably again. Also contributes to the low rolling noise with through which these 215 45 R16 summer tyres also distinguished.

Who is looking for a 215 45 R16er summer tyres, which is to quickly find a suitable and powerful performer with a safety. Thus, this model is already in the range of all well-known manufacturers that are known for their strong run and qualitative products.

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