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215 40 R18 Car Summer tyres

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215 40 R18 summer tyres - performance models with impressive performance

Anyone looking at the size 215 40 R18 summer tyres segment for a high quality model, is given the good selection can definitely find something suitable for his car. Numerous well-known manufacturers such as Dunlop, Continental or Pirelli offer quality summer tyre in this size, so that hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled.

High mileage and optimum safety

Thus, the premium manufacturer Continental with the ContiSportContact 2 XL FR a high-quality and continuous strong Pneu size 215 40 R18 summer tyres segment before, which guarantees optimal safety even at very high speeds. This model of Lower Saxony manufacturer impresses with its sophisticated tread patterns, and intricately designed carcass is so worried for a lower heat generation and for a safe and dynamic driving style. Equally noteworthy is the precise steering response, through which the summer tyres can excel. This is thanks to this the reinforced sidewall and the optimized multi-radius contour, which again improves performance.

Good grip and high steering precision

Also, the S 1097 of Wanli boasts numerous positive operating characteristics. This tyre is available as summer tyres also in the dimension 215 40 R18 and is also provided with a sophisticated tread design, so that you can benefit as a driver in addition to a good grip of a high steering precision and impeccable handling. In addition, scores of these 215 40 R18er summer tyre with its fast and efficient drainage, which increases the risk of aquaplaning significantly reduced. the best conditions are thus geschafffen for a perfect driving pleasure.

Anyone looking at the size 215 40 R18 summer tyres segment for a powerful and reliable model, which is given the good choice certainly can find a suitable companion for his car. So convincing models like the Wanli S 1097 or the Contsportcontact 2 XL FR Continental with a balanced performance and high mileage, so little to be desired.

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